family law Robert Kelly

Bellingham, Washington Family Law Attorney

My practice focuses exclusively on family law, which involves many aspects of a family in transition. I help you move forward through the legal challenges and judicial paperwork you face when pursuing such matters as:

As a family law attorney, my goal is to encourage parties to work out their issues amicably to achieve reasonable, out-of-court agreements. With my experience in divorce mediation, I have seen the extensive financial and emotional burdens placed on families—especially children—when these matters become contentious and end up in court.

My approach to family law is to seek to avoid these contentious situations by providing a variety of methods and ample opportunities for families in transition to reach amicable agreements. Whenever possible, I work to achieve settlement through direct negotiation with opposing counsel and through four-way meetings between the attorneys and their clients.

There are times when agreements cannot be reached out of court and litigation is necessary. In these cases, I am a strong advocate in court on behalf of my clients, well-prepared to aggressively represent the best interests of you and your family in the courtroom.