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Professional Mediation Services

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process for resolving conflict with the help of an impartial, trained professional. Professional mediation addresses the interests of all involved parties and helps them build their own solutions to a dispute. As court dockets have become more congested, there has been a greater focus on Alternative Dispute Resolution, such as mediation.

Mediation is a non-adversarial approach to conflict resolution. The professional mediator facilitates communication between the parties, assist them in focusing on the real issues of the dispute, and generate options for settlement. Any agreements reached may be incorporated into the divorce decree or other court orders.

As a Washington family law mediator with seventeen years of experience, I can help you achieve a smoother transition through the divorce process and other domestic matters. I help everyone involved explore their most important underlying needs and interests and to assure that any resulting agreements are based on those needs and interests.

Benefits of Mediation